Brakes and Clutches Exeter

If you are looking for servicing on brakes and clutches Exeter, visit Eveleighs Garage. Our garage is a family-run business located right in the heart of Exeter town centre. We offer expert brakes and clutches services, meaning that you can leave your car with us while you shop and pick it up on the way back. Our team of dealer trained technicians provide fantastic customer service that you can trust.


Brake Repairs


Our trusted mechanics are qualified to provide brake servicing and repair work to all makes and models. Here at Eveleighs Garage we provide a wide range of brake services at a competitive price, including:


  • Repairs and replacement of disc and drum brakes
  • Maintenance of your ABS system and inspection of brake pads
  • Replacement of worn wheel bearings to ensure the prevention of damage due to tyre wear and misaligned wheels
  • Servicing of hand brakes and worn brake wear sensors


Clutch Replacement 


Eveleighs is the place to go for all of clutch servicing and repair needs. Our experienced technicians provide many services, including:


  • Expert clutch advice from an experienced team, offering clutch checks free of charge.
  • Flywheel maintenance to reduce the chance of clutch failure
  • Installation of concentric slave cylinders for recently replaced clutches
  • If your clutch has slipped we can replace the necessary parts
  • Reduction of clutch judder and vibrations with our expert clutch alignment service
  • If you hear any unusual noises when changing gear, speak to us as it could be as a result of clutch drag.


Eveleighs Garage provides a convenient, reliable service for any issues with brakes and clutches Exeter. Come and see us today to find out more about what we can offer!




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