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Are you looking for engine diagnostics Exeter? If so, Eveleighs Garage can help. In the old days, a curious rattle or knocking sound would alert us to engine or mechanical problems in the car, and it usually meant that a major problem was imminent. Nowadays, we get an early warning from the electronic dashboard when something is not quite right and, by taking the car immediately to the experts, all problems are speedily taken care of.


The experts are to be found at Eveleighs Garage in Exeter. We are a family run business, catering to Exeter and the surrounding areas. We are conveniently located in the centre of Exeter, so you can safely leave your car in the hands of our skilled, dealer trained technicians, who check, analyse and work on your car while you go about your business, shopping or visiting in Exeter. Alternatively, we offer free pick-up and delivery services. Our friendly, expert staff is always pleased to answer any questions you may have.


Car Diagnostics


Our engine diagnostics team will quickly find and solve any malfunctioning to do with engine management and/or code reading, as well as problems in electrical circuits. We deal with power or engine loss and error code reading, often solving problems before they fully develop. Most drivers need our diagnostic services when an error message pops up on the dashboard, but an increasing number of motorists like to make periodic checks to make sure that the engine is operating at its full capacity and delivering peak performance.


Advanced Diagnostics Technology


We make in-depth analytical assessments in order to dig up any faults in the engine’s systems. Our equipment and our technicians are up-to-the-minute, high-tech, fast, efficient and accurate. Based on the latest computer technology, our leading-edge diagnostic systems can analyse and assess any electrical or engine management faults, pinpointing any problem areas with absolute precision. Our fault-finding engine diagnostics can be applied to all makes and models.


How Does Engine Diagnostics Work?


The engine diagnostics system first gathers data on the car’s various functions and circuits, such as throttle sensors or fuel injection systems. It then carries out an accurate analysis of all the car’s systems, it rates the engine’s functioning capacity and exposes any faults. Our cutting-edge equipment accurately delivers complete diagnostic results and indicates appropriate corrective action. This leads to promptly correcting any faults, often actually preventing the onset of some nasty malfunction. A timely diagnostic check is a preventative medicine for your vehicle. So, if you require more information regarding our engine diagnostics Exeter, do not hesitate to contact our expert mechanics.






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